7HA Users Group

1. Progress with centerline issues; non-drive-train topics dominate discussion

2. GE Day: Some permanent solutions in place, other root-cause analyses on-going

Owner/operators cite progress on centerline issues with non-drive-train topics dominating discussions, while GE reports some permanent solutions are in place with other root-cause analyses on-going. Coverage of hot topics includes positive results with redesigned first-stage buckets, analysis of drive-train vibration, background on a generator failure, update on issues related to axial fuel staging and control hardware and software.

Western Turbine Users Inc (WTUI)

1. A look ahead to 2020 along with CCJ's exclusive 2019 recap

2. Technical program, schedule, and special events

3. The WTUI leadership committee

4. History: The previous five years and the first twenty-five

Coverage focuses on key aspects of the compelling 2020 program, a review of the organization’s rich 30-year history, and highlights of the 2019 conference which speak to WTUI’s value to owner/operators of LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and LMS100 engines. Includes details on the meeting’s special events, technical program, and leadership team; salutes loyal sponsors and past officers and members of the board of directors; reviews the success of the LM6000 online forum; provides a list of acronyms to facilitate participation in the upcoming meeting.

HRSG Forum with Bob Anderson

1. CCJ exclusive 2019 conference report

2. Forum expands HRSG Week to include daylong water workshop

3. FFS applied correctly benefits water/steam cycle: less FAC, less iron

The fourth annual meeting expands to include a daylong water workshop and admission to EPRI’s HRSG and BOP Technology Transfer Day. Coverage includes asset protection to assure high reliability, benefits of film-forming substances properly applied, evolving issues with creep-strength-enhanced ferritic steels, oxide growth and exfoliation, expansion joints and penetration seals, pitfalls of water ingress into insulation, pressure-wave tube cleaning experience, valve acoustic leak detection, impact on the HRSG of gas-turbine upgrades, automatic drain control. Information compiled by Steven C Stultz, consulting editor.

7F Users Group

Best practices and a look ahead at 7FUG 2020

Best Practices Awards to Armstrong, Calhoun, Barney Davis, MEAG Wansley Unit 9, Green Country, and St. Charles offer tips on vibration monitoring, valve actuators, dealing with under-foundation water leaks, how to handle chemical totes safely, and much more.


2019 recap and 2020 updates

Together again: 501F, 501G user organizations to share meeting space again. Report reviews recent plant experiences of the two-dozen W501G engines at 13 plants in North America. more

Alstom Owners Group

AOG gains widespread support from third-party vendors

Launched a little more than two years ago, the AOG has gained widespread support from third-party vendors committed to filling the O&M gaps left by GE’s purchase of Alstom—including Arnold Group, Liburdi Turbine Services, Pioneer Motor Bearing, AGT Services, Doosan Turbomachinery Services, Emerson Automation Solutions, and others. more

7EA  Users Group

7EA Users Group joins the Power Users family of conferences

Power Users, the umbrella organization for managing and coordinating the technical programs for the electric power industry’s leading user groups—including 7F, Combined Cycle, Steam Turbine, Generator, and Power Plant Controls—announced last week that the 7EA Users Group was joining its family of conferences. more


“Future Shock”: Where are we, where are we heading?
Commentary by Salvatore A DellaVilla Jr, Gas Turbine Association

GENERATORS/MOTORS: Protecting electrical insulation against moisture, dirt helps keep outages on schedule
Neil Kilpatrick, GenMet LLC, and James Michalec, J R Michalec Consulting LLC

REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Low-plasticity burnishing steps into limelight for turbine parts repair

TURBINE TIPS: How to conduct a firing check on a fuel pump to confirm proper operation
Dave Lucier, PAL Turbine Services

HRSGS: Adapt advanced process control for tighter regulation of superheat, reheat temperatures
Steve Seachman, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

GENERATORS: EPRI’s upcoming generator workshops promise users a high-value learning experience

WATER/STEAM CIRCUIT: Cheaper feedwater systems don’t always cost less
Henry Kwan, SNC Lavalin Constructors Inc

WATER ANALYSIS: How to make sense of a water analysis report
Wendy Wong, SNC-Lavalin

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  • Orange Grove Energy earns VPP Star status
  • Sixteen NAES plants recognized for their best practices
  • MHPS and Siemens updates
  • Industry news, notes, and briefs
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