Date and Time: Wednesday, October 28 @ 11am Eastern / 08am Pacific
Presenter: Clyde Maughan, Maughan Generator Consultants
Panelists: A wide range of generator subject matter experts

Users from utilities including but not limited to Duke Energy, Calpine, Southern Co, and Exelon.

Independent consultants each with decades of experience.

Service providers NEC, MD&A, Siemens Energy, and AGTServices.

This generator short course and discussion session is designed for powerplant owner/operators regardless of familiarity with electric-driven generators. Please bring your questions as this is intended to a robust, interactive learning experience. We expect duration to be around 4 hours.

Topic 1: Impact of design on reliability (25 min)
Topic 2: Problems relating to operation (10 min)
Topic 3: Failure modes and root causes (25 min)
Topic 4: Monitoring capability & limitations (10 min)
Topic 5: Inspection basic principles (25 min)
Topic 6: Test options and risks (20 min)
Topic 7: Maintenance basic approaches (20 min)

All topics will be followed by Q&A. At the completion of the workshop, more time will be dedicated to any unanswered questions.

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